The Best Client Billing Software for 2024

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You’ll have to pay for any transaction fees when clients pay an invoice. Zoho Invoice lets you connect to some of the biggest payment gateways, such as, Stripe, Braintree and ACH Payments. Square Invoices is an excellent choice for any small business that needs free invoicing software. You can accept payments online or in person, and Square offers integrations that are useful for online, service and brick-and-mortar businesses. Paymo’s free plan is among the more restrictive—with a limit of one user and three clients—but the upgrade to a paid plan is super manageable when the time comes.

It’s a good idea to give your clients as many payment options as possible to make it easy for them. But this part is dependent on how you want to structure your payment plans and fees. But in Copilot, you have the option to “Absorb transaction fees” if you don’t want your client to pay extra fees. This will of course lower your take-home pay, but it can help improve your client’s experience working with you. Here you will be able to connect your bank of choice and adjust payment options for your clients. Copilot uses Stripe as an extra layer of security to process payments.

Initial Setup of Clients & Products

At the end of the day, the faster you send, the sooner payment is received. Being a crucial part of any business, it is imperative to have an efficient billing system in place. You get off a call, and a potential client is eager to work with you. But that feeling of excitement can quickly turn into overwhelm if you don’t have a standard operating procedure for following up with a proposal or statement of work (SOW). Starting your client business is not just about what you do, but how you do it — especially when it comes to how you nurture your client relationships.

  • This helps you or your team access accurate data about the work done and the billing model to fast-track the invoicing process.
  • While automatic payment reminders are a valuable tool for ensuring timely payments, they shouldn’t overwhelm the client or strain relationships.
  • Select the account you want from the listed options, then click the Connect button.
  • While it’s an uncomfortable position to be in, it’s crucial to navigate it professionally.
  • So, what if you’re kind about checking in and you still aren’t paid?

After all, if a client is consistently frustrated by the way they need to pay you, they might find a different freelancer. QuickBooks pricing depends on the chosen plan and the kind of business you own. Timeular Tracker works offline and can track up to 1000 activities with just 8 sides. With Timeular, you can classify each activity as billable or non-billable and assign your billing rates accordingly.

Now you can quickly and easily bill clients, collect payments, and manage your customers, all from one convenient area. This includes setting an agreement/contract in writing, establishing fair penalties and late fees, or even holding back delivering projects to a client that frequently pays late. At the end of the day, you want to establish a payment cycle that promotes a steady flow of money into your business.

What Is Billing FAQ

Refunds happen, and you can quickly issue a refund for any product or service. Once payment has been made, you can give a refund, and it will go directly back to the payment method the client used. Once clicking, you can choose a payment method, payment date, add a reference number, and even send a receipt to the client. This includes changing or adding information, such as billing address, payment method, and email address. The client has their own area in your Hub to log in to view their profile, including vital information about their billing (e.g. orders, bills, etc.). It provides a great customer experience and makes it easy for them to manage their billing on their end.

  • While the app is primarily a project management and time-tracking solution, the invoicing feature is no slouch.
  • This offers a huge advantage to freelancers who want to both appear professional and cut down on time between sending out an invoice by email and receiving payment.
  • If you only send one or two invoices a month, you might not need the bells and whistles of a complete platform.
  • If you want to save money, a free billing software might be the best solution.
  • In the end, you have to decide if you prefer the convenience over manually billing every client, and making sure there are no late payments.
  • Professions like medical and legal consultancy typically require a time-based billing model.

Scoro offers a variety of plans with prices starting at $26 per month. It was designed to help small business owners, freelancers, and self-employed professionals create and manage invoices on the go. Invoice2go is a very basic but efficient mobile invoicing and billing software.

Set up automated reminders

Consider your needs and choose the best billing software depending on your criteria. If you need to send proposals, make sure that the chosen tool supports it. If you want to save money, a free billing software might be the best solution.

client billing

The platform also lets you build an item library of products and services, which speeds up the invoice creation process. When creating an item, you can add information like SKU, size options, images, location, and other custom options. Then, when you’re ready to create an invoice, just click the Item line, and select the item from a dropdown menu.

What is the best billing software for a small business?

For instance, you can scan an image of it to your bank for a quick direct deposit. Otherwise, you’ll have to wait for it in the mail and then take it to your bank to cash it. This way, all you have to fill in is the project details, rates, and the subtotal.

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But if you know your client is “shopping around” and you want to stand out, it’s worth putting in some extra work that gives your client a good first impression about you. Maybe you built your network, put yourself out there on a service marketplace, or did some good old-fashioned cold email outreach. Kelly Main is a Marketing Editor and Writer specializing in digital marketing, online advertising and web design and development.

Click the ellipsis at the end of the desired row and select Reactivate Subscription from the dropdown menu. Inactive Subscriptions are any subscriptions that were at one time active but are no more. To see them, click on any client, then from the top menu sections – Overview, Products & Services, Invoices – click on Products & Services. Because of the fluid manner of subscriptions, keeping track of them is a necessity.

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Check out this how-to guide on activating SMTP mode in Branda, and this helpful walk-through on SMTP setup through Gmail. Upon completing the wizard, you’ll be directed back to the Getting Started screen in your Hub and prompted to select the currency you want to use in your what is variance analysis 2021 definition examples andadvantages portal. Select the account you want from the listed options, then click the Connect button. The above features are all part of The Hub, our all-in-one WordPress site management tool. If you complete assignments on a daily or weekly basis, then consider asking them whether it’d be alright to bill them multiple times throughout the month.