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Keng and Liu (1998) argue that one of the most important reasons for choosing an audit firm is its level of industry specialization. Without restricting our sample period, we were able to identify 635 papers (this search was conducted in June 2018). We then used the software EndNote X7 in order to organize and standardize all the references and to eliminate potential duplicates since we considered two different databases. Following the approach presented and used before by other studies (Carvalho et al., 2020; Valmorbida and Ensslin, 2017), we exclude papers that are outside the scope of our research by analyzing their titles, abstracts, keywords and main findings. In order to mitigate bias, all papers were analyzed by three experienced judges. Efficiency was defined by the interviewees as the accountant’s ability to be competent, productive, and to be able to meet deadlines without errors.

  • Thus, to maintain market share and penetration, accounting service providers need to improve their competitive strategies.
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  • It has been suggested that specific models for different service categories should be developed to identify all the specificities of a sector (Ladhari 2008).
  • In line with this last one, Lee (2013) argue that given the last years changes in customers’ demands, accounting firms needs to provide more analytical and consultant services.
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With these objectives we guarantee the motivation of the staff, committed and service-oriented, helping them to unleash their growth potential and talent retention. All this will translate into a service culture, customer-oriented, high-quality service, which improves the image and perception of our clients. Our audit and assurance services can help organizations see further and deeper into their businesses. From enhancing trust in the companies we audit to assisting organizations in meeting the assurance demands outlined in regulations and standards, we help a multi-trillion dollar capital markets system function with greater confidence. An audit is more than an obligation—it’s a powerful lens for illuminating the current state of an enterprise, providing insight that can inform future aspirations.

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Thus, our findings indicate the need for a greater focus on accountants’ education. Even though it is a relevant subject for accounting firms as KIBS, accountants’ education was not the central point of any of the 22 articles investigated. A better understanding about accounting education providers and their organization might contribute to a better perception about the development of professional skills in order to achieve their learning outcomes. First, relationships and comparisons between accounting firms can improve quality perceptions of delivered services. Market share, services’ price and communication one-to-one are important to choose the service provider (Armstrong and Smith, 1996; Lee, 2013). Thus, delivering quality to market is not only important for retail sector, in accounting services this is also considered.

  • One popular question is whether you should hire an in-house accountant or bring on a services company.
  • In a way, these results differ from those of Khin et al. (2011), who argue that the structures of accounting firms, such as physical infrastructure, are positively related to the performance of the services provided.
  • The management of an accounting firm (or office) and competition can generate opportunities to improve our knowledge in this area.
  • Although many accounting services providers exist around the globe, only 22 papers attempt to consider this type of specialized service, despite its importance (Aga and Safakli, 2007; Bean et al., 1996; Lee et al., 2016; Groff et al., 2015).
  • An audit is more than an obligation—it’s a powerful lens for illuminating the current state of an enterprise, providing insight that can inform future aspirations.

The system will be ready to give you certain information, however, it will be necessary to have people to signal and interpret the data. The tendency is that accounting does evolve in this technological area with systems improving to meet more accounting demands (Accountant B). We discuss each dimension in detail, providing an in-depth analysis of the statements made by respondents, providing indicators for each one. Everyone in the building was friendly and it was our first time doing taxes with another person instead of an online service. We’ve been burned before (thank you H&R Block for trying to get us to commit tax fraud!) so we were on high alert and very wary.

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Similarly, the customer can also analyze all the data and information being handled by the accountant (Accountant A). […] Manage well the activity-related deadlines that are in the hands of accounting. I’ll give you a very practical example, we already had a problem here with the firemans expired license. Table 1 presents a summary of the respondents and the role of each of the individuals interviewed. For starters, you are not responsible for providing benefits like retirement savings or paid time off.

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Fleischman et al. (2017) argue that the technical aspects of accounting services are more important for the formation of perceived quality than the functional and image aspects. For Sarapaivanich and Patterson (2015), the consumer’s level of experience with the KIBS needs to be considered. For clients with limited experience, the quality of interpersonal communication has a greater impact on their perceptions than the technical quality of the service provided. In line with these results, Sampet et al. (2019) argue https://accounting-services.net/ that creating psychological comfort and stimulating consumer participation during audit services can have a positive impact on perceived quality and satisfaction. For this reason, the objective of this study is to identify the dimensions of accounting service quality, as assessed by the different agents involved. For this purpose, twenty in-depth interviews were conducted with accounting service providers, clients of accounting service providers, consultants, university professors, and accountancy body members.

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We examined these 22 papers in detail using bibliometric methods and performing a systematic literature review. The use of bibliometric methods and a systematic literature review could allow a broader view of this specific field and may contribute to the identification of causes of phenomena related to the most significant works and the main themes in the field. As results of our bibliometric analysis, we were able to identify that although most of the papers were published in non-accounting journals (nineteen papers). However, more than half of the citations on this topic come from two papers published in accounting journals (Accounting Horizons and Accounting, Organizations and Society). Most of the papers rely on services quality and clients’ perception literature and usually apply a quantitative approach.

Studies like Freeman and Dart (1993) and Olorunniwo and Hsu (2008) argue that the exchange of information and knowledge among the firms that provide accounting services indicate the need for better interpersonal communication between them and their customers. In addition, service coproduction and the constant need for innovation are features of the accounting services. About the papers that used questionnaires, our findings show that fifty-six percent applied the measurement scale “SERVQUAL”, developed by Parasuraman et al. (1988).

1 Service quality

Services that previously were provided by structured professional accounting firms can now be performed using software. The covid-19 pandemic further increased these changes, generating digitization and automation of services (AICPA 2020). Thus, to maintain market share and penetration, accounting service providers need to improve their competitive strategies. This can be achieved with good management and a focus on delivering high-quality services (Fleischman et al. 2017). Taken together, our results indicate that there are several research opportunities for studies that are focused on accounting services quality. Most of the papers were published in areas like services management, and the literature still lacks theoretical development about the relation between specific factors that may be relevant for the perception of quality for accounting services providers.