Four Scenarios that Smart Manufacturing Enables for Pharmaceutical Industry Sage X3 Tips, Tricks and Components

Most often, these challenges originate from systems, processes and workflows that contribute to ineffective inventory management controls. The two areas we focus on for immediate improvement are inventory replenishment and manual processes. The limited domestic capacity of Australia makes it to be at the end of a long and complex supply chain operations for the majority of its medical supplies and equipment’s.

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The marketing department can run promotional campaigns and monitor vital statistics in real-time. They can alter campaigns based on changing market patterns and implement strategies on-the-go. The ERP software for pharmaceutical manufacturing companies also breaks information silos and allows business-critical information to flow across departments. This enables departments to work as a cohesive force and further the interests of the company.

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This kind of material transparency is especially vital for quality control efforts and recall purposes. You can track when a batch was completed, which will in turn allow you to manage shelf life and expiration tracking. Sage X3, the best Pharma ERP software, streamlines supply chain management for pharmaceutical companies, improving inventory levels, lead times, and overall efficiency. It manages procurement, production, and distribution processes, providing timely access to raw materials while meeting regulations and reducing waste.

sage x3 for pharmaceutical

Implementing Sage X3 Pharmaceutical Preparation allows you to keep track of all the data pertaining to raw material usage up to each batch processing and captures this information within the system. In several recent facility tours, we have seen warning signs of organizations struggling to manage growth and profitability. Some issues that we’ve noticed, like manual pick sheets and the lack of equipment to read barcoded labels, result in waste and lost productivity. Other red flags, like unmarked boxes blocking aisles and allergen-containing ingredients stacked together, set the stage for potentially dangerous human error.


An ERP system in place for pharmaceutical manufacturing and inventory management assures clear cashbooks while managing the incoming and outgoing finances to generate more flexible and sustainable business. Sage X3 cloud-based software solutions provide a holistic view of all capital investments which help in analyzing market trends with modules like tax filing, workforce management, invoices, sales and purchase orders. One of the aspects that makes inventory management in pharmaceutical manufacturing unique is the issue of controlling for material and product expiration. Systems designed specifically for pharmaceutical manufacturers allow you to set up inventory picking using a FEFO (first expiring, first out) process.

sage x3 for pharmaceutical

Managing the production activities of your company is one of the most crucial steps in achieving product traceability. Functionality within production planning will allow you to track where each batch is within the manufacturing process. You will be able to set project completion dates and adjust them accurately based on your observations of the progress of each batch. Your product formulas will track raw materials as well as the products those raw materials create. The tracking of raw material lot numbers on the formula provides visibility into which raw materials were used in each finished product batch.

Deciding Exact Product Costs is Time-Consuming and Challenging

Manufacturing delays are costly, as they result in lost sales, dissatisfied customers, and wastage due to expiring products. With the MRP functionality available within many pharmaceutical systems, you will be able to set a production schedule in advance. At Greytrix Australia being Development Partners for Sage, we address complexities of pharmaceutical industries devops team structure with aforesaid features. A module specifically designed to manage quality control activities will give you all the tools you need to ensure you’re delivering the same quality product each time. Workflow management functionalities provide checkpoint tracking in your manufacturing process to identify when samples should be taken for quality control tests.

Requests of this variety can be tricky to accommodate; empowering sales personnel with integrated CRM modules that provide strong visibility into order histories is extremely beneficial. Sage X3 Pharmaceutical Preparations allows you to capture all of the data relevant to your manufacturing processes, including those inspected for FDA compliance. Automated reporting features enable you to review information at each processing stage to identify potential instances of noncompliance and address them before submission to regulatory agencies. With the X3 bundled solution, you can deliver electronic records as needed to fulfill FDA reporting requirements. Just as with several other manufacturing sectors, the FDA imposes stringent labeling requirements for pharmaceutical preparation. However, drug manufacturers may face varying regulatory obligations for ingredients that experience significantly different perishability rates that can affect end product shelf lives.

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Sage X3 can handle your entire product lifecycle, from conception through approval through manufacturing. If you’re not in a position to implement a fully comprehensive solution, you still have options to fill the gaps. There are many add-on products designed to extend the functionality of existing systems to handle specific tasks like R&D management, compliance tracking, or quality control. The DSCSA necessitates the implementation of track-and-trace systems that can provide the full historical data of a product on-demand.

  • Also, with the need to constantly improve your products, you’ll require the ability to revise these formulas; a formula tracking system offers both functionalities.
  • The limited domestic capacity of Australia makes it to be at the end of a long and complex supply chain operations for the majority of its medical supplies and equipment’s.
  • But for that, pharmaceutical companies require massive data repositories to formulate competitive price quotes.
  • On the other hand, ERP application in pharmaceutical industry calculates the final product cost by accounting for R&D cost, raw material cost, customer incentives, insurance costs, and much more.
  • Sage X3 ERP simplifies batch management, tracks materials, and streamlines recall procedures for improved quality control and business protection.
  • Developing the industry calls for concerted support from business management solutions like Sage X3 – Pharma ERP Software so that industries can flourish and realize their full potential.

This can be achieved by deploying the X3 Pharmaceutical Preparation bundle’s traceability features to provide comprehensive audit trails for products. Utilizing this bundled solution’s data tracing functionality allows you to deliver the full history of an end product to its original processing batch. The FD&C Act dictates that measurement information (dosage, etc.) be included on all drug package labeling or that product will be ruled misbranded.

Sage X3: ERP Software for Pharmaceutical Manufacturers

Sage X3 is an enterprise resource planning product developed by Sage Group aimed at established businesses.[2] The product was formerly known as Sage ERP X3 and is available in many of the territories that Sage operate. Regulations are there to ensure the safe and controlled running of the industry, but can often end up becoming a daunting task for mid-sized enterprises. Sage recently implemented an X3 solution at Shire Pharmaceuticals, one of the world’s fastest-growing pharma companies that specializes in solutions for behavioral health, gastrointestinal illnesses, regenerative medicine and rare diseases. The team enabled structured scoping, identification and provision of training needs and adherence to a manageable critical path. This ensured that the project was delivered on time, on budget and with zero downtime to the business.

sage x3 for pharmaceutical

There are several ERP systems on the market designed to address the specific challenges facing pharmaceutical manufacturers. When you’re a pharmaceutical manufacturer, however, it doesn’t always feel that way – it feels like you’ll never find the solution that’s right for your business. With regards to the current COVID-19 pandemic drug manufacturing industries are pressed with the issue of producing a drug as soon as possible. All of these challenges amount to an increasing pressure to maintain competitiveness while simultaneously complying with an increasing array of regulatory requirements.

Why Choose Sage X3 ERP for the Pharmaceutical Industry?

From procurement to warehousing, production, sales, customer service, and financial management, Sage X3 introduces better ways to manage your entire business, on a global scale. With the Sage X3 ERP for pharma industry offers a comprehensive suite of solutions that streamlines the entire process for achieving and maintaining compliance with the various regulations. Raw Material PurchaseSage X3 procurement software can automate the raw material purchasing process. Once a Purchase Order (PO) is created in the ERP software, it can move across multiple approval levels. The approved PO is forwarded to the vendor as soon as the user approves the PO through signature management in Sage X3. This information will help ensure continued commitment to compliance in all relevant products as well as allow root cause of noncompliance to be identified much more easily.

They also need to track the movement of goods — raw materials from the vendor to the inventory of pharmaceutical company and finished products from the warehouse to the end-user. Sage X3 order management software is sophisticated enough to handle higher order volumes, order processing complexity, inventory challenges, and pricing structures. Effectively manage the fluctuation of procurement, production and shipping while staying on top of compliance requirements.

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ERP in pharma is a software that aids pharma companies in minimizing the production and delivery time. Sage X3 ERP in pharmaceutical industry efficiently manages warehouses by marking them with different codes. They can dispatch them to the required distribution centre or arrange for a pick-up by wholesalers or retailers. Moreover, you can also create various tabs in the dashboard, such as promotional goods, near-to-expiry, samples, expired material, and many more. Governments worldwide are coming up with stringent regulations to monitor pharmaceutical companies. And if you fail to adhere to compliances, you may attract massive fines or risk shutting down your company.